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Default Pro Tools HD 7.3.1cs3 Update for Mac OS X

Available for download from the Pro Tools 7.3 and core system downloads sections, and the Pro Tools CS Updates quick link in the Support section:

In addition to all previous 7.3.x fixes, the Pro Tools HD 7.3.1cs3 update for Pro Tools HD 7.3 & 7.3.1 adds the following:

Random Disappearance or Corruption of Regions On Tracks When Editing Or Punching In (Item #85976)

* Although this could occur while editing or recording over regions, the problem was most evident when QuickPunching over existing regions.

Importing Audio Files From A Sound Devices 744T Field Recorder Causes Multiple Problems (Item #90570, 90726)

* Audio files would not have a Unique ID assigned to them
* An assertion, "FF AudioProperty.cpp, line 33" would be thrown when overviews were being calulated
* Audio could be unreadable by Pro Tools

Attempting To Play From The Beginning Of A Session May Fail (Item #85674, 93283, 93289)

* After the play command, the Play and Stop buttons flash, but Pro Tools does not play.
* Repeated attempts may result in a successful play

Mojo SDI Could Not Directly Resolve To PAL Black (Item #90821)

* Note that Mojo SDI would switch to "internal sync" when changing the video format in Pro Tools

Error: "Digitize Aborted Due to Dropped Frames" When Digitizing to Mojo or Mojo SDI (Item #91345)

* Note: The fix covers most, but not all cases of this bug

DAE Error -6042 During Record Could Result When Using a Mac Pro (Item #92185)

* This could occur using HD1 or HD2 when recording a very high number of tracks
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