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Default Digi002 unit crashes and makes clicking sounds!

PLEASE HELP! My Digi002 will often suddenly stop working, like it crashes and then won't turn on again, even if I power down, unplug the cord, plug in, and turn it on again. It also makes clicking noises and sometimes get stuck in "Validating..." mode, other times it just stays blank as my computer says "Unable to communicate with Digi002." Nothing traumatic has ever happened to the unit. It is kept in safe, dry, clean, smoke-free environment in my home studio. I run ProTools LE 6.9.2 on a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5 Ghz with 1.5 GB or ram. I haven't even used it that much yet.

Sometimes when the 002 unit is blanking out and clicking, it will somtimes temporarily fix if I gently lift up the front edge of the 002 and tilt it up slightly. But then it will just crash again.

Does this sound like a wiring problem, a short somewhere? Anyone else experience this problem? How can I get this problem fixed? It's really frustrating as I can't record anything with such an unstable Digi002. I live in Bay Area and I was wondering if you can bring malfunctioning devices in to DigiDesign for service? Tech Support? You out there?
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