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Default Midi Editing Bug

I've had this verified but apparently it's rare. I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing it and if you've figured out a workaround.

Working on a project with no audio and roughly 12 instrument tracks.
Everything is working great...

Suddenly, on MOST of the tracks, slip mode is completely non functional and grid mode wont allow me to move notes in increments less than an eighth note.

The 2 tracks that do not have this problem seem to be no different than the tracks that do have the problem.

AT first i was having luck importing the session data into a new project, but that isnt woking anymore. But then the new project got infected.

THen I was having luck importing just the session data without the instrument plugins.
But now even that has stopped working.

I have re-installed PT.
I have emptied out ALL my plugins (except for Kontakt)
It's like a malicious virus.

I really hope none of you are experiencing this, but if you are Id love to hear from you.

(PT Tech support says they are aware of it and on it, but I need to work NOW.)

Thank you,

2012 MacPro 12 core
Mojave 10.14.6
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