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Default Re: Brand New S1 and Dock - Confused

Hi EJ!

Thanks for the follow-up. I just tried that setup and it may be preferred for me. It's just how the encoders on the Dock don't line up with the iPad display but I can get used to that. I have looked at some videos on Custom Knobs which I'll need to learn but I haven't found any decisive video showing how to create them for specific plugins. I use a lot of UAD as well as Plugin-Alliance plugins and as of now if I load a UAD SSL Channel Strip the encoders allow me to change Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid frequency and gain but no Queue and especially no Hi EQ options. It's similar for the UAD API Vision Channel Strip.

I'll keep plugins away but I like your latest response in moving the iPad's. If you have any recommendations on Custom Knob videos please send them along.


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