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Default Re: Dolby Atmos Renderer dropping out of record

Originally Posted by Goombot View Post
I start to print an Atmos master file and about 15 seconds in each time the renderer drops out of record. Everything is locked. It stays in synch, I keep hearing audio but it drops out of record. No idea why. I looked on the Dolby site about this happening while using Dante (I'm using a MTRX Studio with HDX and the RedNet PCIeR Dante card) and everything they list as a possible issue I don't have. So as of now I can't print a master file.
Are you recording while Re-renders are turned on? If so, try turning them off. Also turn off binaural headphones output if that’s on too.

You can still make a master file if you do an offline bounce to ADM wave in Pro Tools. Then import the ADM file into the Renderer and export the Atmos files. You can also use the Dolby Conversion Toolkit for this.
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