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Default Re: TL Space Native and Windows audio driver

Originally Posted by Clint_v_Kapel View Post
Ok , may i ask which kind of exe. file you got from the audio driver ?

I got the windows media 9 series exe. but it won't run in normal mode as in administrator .

And for the TL-Space Native , everytime when i start Pro-Tools it asked to authorize , then i click yes , with the Lincense Key clicked on , then i get a message that the i-lock don't have the authorization key and that i need to put in the authorization key ....

But on my I-LOK site it says that that plug-in is on my I-LOK key .

So i don't get it , you are using a new windows programm and it works , but not with an older system .
TL Space works for me. and I use XP..

Re-synch your iLok, download and install the newest PACE drivers from iLok, trash preferences and databases then see if it works.
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