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Default CPTK 2 with 2008 MP, great. PT 11HDX with 2012 MP, not so great. Switch drive?

Hi guys.

Had a great system. PT 10 CPTK2 with a 2008 dual quad core 2.8 Mac Pro. Switched to PT 11 HDX1 with a quad core 3.2 2012 mac and am getting the famous 9172 errors.

The MP has really poor performance and I am also getting glitches. Can't record with less than 256 buffer size even with just a few tracks running. Been reading a lot about others having these issues. Tried a clean install, disabling spotlight, disabling dynamic plugin processing, switching of wi-fi etc, but it doesn't help.

What I am wondering is; would it be possible to take the system drive of the 2008 MP and use that with PT 10hd in the new MP? I can't use the hdx cards with the old MP, so changing the system disk (OS 10.6.8) is my only option.

I am basically thinking that since my old system worked great, if it doesn't create any compatibility problems in the transition between the old and the new MP, would doing this maybe be the solution?

Could also install 10.6.8 on a ssd drive and reinstall everything again, hoping that it's the OS that's causing all these problems.
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