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Default Workflows with the AVID Pro Tools Dock - Adobe Premiere Pro CC

hey guys, I dropped this last night. It's a very basic workflow tutorial using the dock with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It covers both the stock softkeys (which are not very well laid out) and custom softkeys / wheel commands that I set up. The dock can be pretty versatile with Premiere. My softkeys include using the jog to control basic color correction, trim editing and a few other tricks. This is the first video of a tutorial series. I plan on doing some other tutorials for Adobe Lightroom and of course Pro Tools. I'd also like to shoot some videos on how I setup some of the softkey / wheel command functionality... I apologize for it being a bit all over the place but it's my first attempt at pretty long tutorial video. The appset file and my custom Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcut file can be found in the description. My keyboard shortcuts do NOT overwrite any of the default keyboard shortcuts. It just utilizes some unused function keys.
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