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Default Re: Steinberg & VSL dropping eLicenser

Originally Posted by mbourque View Post
Steinberg said that they would drop eLicenser in the future but they only begin the reflexion about it. They made a public statement after some major crash of their license server. So it may takes some time (months, years?) before it actually gets real. I think that's why they have not send any communication about it directly to individual users.
However long it takes Steinberg to drop eLicenser it's enough to worry VSL into moving to iLok. If you read the thread I linked to on the VSL forum they mention they'll have the eLicenser operational as long as Steinberg has the servers working until VSL users can switch over to iLok. But VSL isn't taking any chances. Undoubtedly VSL knows more about what's going on than they'll admit to in public.
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