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Default Re: Sustain NOT recording in pro tools 9!!!

Just my experience (from yesterday afternoon). For me, sustain is definitely recording in 9.03. I did have to go into the default filters to let through aftertouch. The default was to let through all except both aftertouches.

During play and record, i you're using your YPT-320 with the pedal plugged directly into it, of course it works because it's sustaining it directly unless you (strangely?) have all local controls off and are listening purely to the midi signal once it has passed through your interface and back out of PT. In which case, if it were working it would have been recorded.

(and looked at your tiny screenshot, you've not go the sustain filtered just aftertouch as default)

I think what Carl suggests is a good idea. Go run mini-grand and do a few bars of tests. Then unfold the automation lane until you see sustain and you should see it pretty plainly if it is there.
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