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Default Re: Kicked out by PT2021.7

1. Work out where to find supported configurations. You could Google for that and find....

2. If there are compatible installers, download those from your "My Products" section of your account.

3. Just run the installer. (you of course have your system backed up)

4. Double check the system is properly optimized--you should have already done this before. (see "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page)

5. It's also up to you to work out what third party plugins you want to install are also compatible with both the OS and Pro Tools versions.

And especially because you are running on M1 you better pay careful attention. Be reading Avid's compatibility info on M1 (want to guess how you find that?). More detailed questions/known issues with Monterey/explanations about compatibility are likely already answered on DUC. So again, search using Google (not the near useless built in Forum search), maybe with a site: qualifier.

Don't expect other users here to spoon feed you, you have decided to be on the bleeding edge of using a M1 system, In your looking at existing DUC posts you should find reports of others with Izotope issues on recent Pro Tools releases, as well as issues on Monterey, including memory leaks. I suspect it's likely you might upgrade Pro Tools and find you have an Izotope issue... if that happens you'll likely need to follow up with Izotope support.

And I suspect most folks here won't have much clue what you mean by "kick out". You mean Pro Tools crashes with no error dialog? If you need more help here in future after exhausting all the info already on DUC try to describe exactly what technically happens, and exactly what you see on the screen happen.

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