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Default Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD

First time Forum user. (So bare with me).

A few years ago I purchased a Midas Venice F32 to be my main Audio interface. I primarily record a live band setting. 16 channels of audio at this point in time.
I'm using ProTools10HD which I purchased preinstalled on a hard drive.

Previously I was using ProTools 8LE with a digi003 Rack+ and a Focusrite 8 channel preamp for 16 channels of live recording. Never had this problem that I'm having now.

I'm getting a bizarre audio glitch that exists across all channels on playback. It happens at random times (but exists within the recording). None of the 16 tracks show the glitch within the wave form. If I solo each track, the glitch is audible on every channel, at the same time. Again, it doesn't show up in the wave form. It can happen when the audio is quiet, or when the band is "rocking". It's not an overload, or cliping signal.

I thought maybe upgrading the RAM from 8GB to 16GB would solve the issue. Not the case. Just had a session last night, and on the first song, there were a few spots in the song, where this glitch happened. We moved a year ago, and the problem existed in the old house too. So it's definitely a problem either in the board or the software.

Any insight in the community?
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