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Default Music Production Toolkit Installation TL Space

Received my Music Production Toolkit as part of the Digi 002 Turbocharge Upgrade Program today and enountered a strange situation during installation and solved it. I donīt know if that is a general problem of the installation disc or a specific on with my system setup.
Installation and registration was easy until i tried to install the impulse responses-cd for the tl space (the power pc cd, iīm on a g4 1,2 ghz running 10.4.7, hopefully not too long anymore, want to upgrade to a macbook soon). double-clicking the ImpulseResponse-Installer on the CD only started the osx Script-editor and nothing else happened.
The solution for that was to:
copy the complete file from the cd to the internal harddrive;
"Get info" from the copied file;
add a ".app" to the filename
and double-click again - the installer starts.

anyone else experienced this?

hope that someone can use this info.


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