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Default Another Renewal-Purchase-Support Problem [SOLVED]

Hi Jeffro,

normally I try to help other people here, now I need help myself.
I tried to renew my PT12HD license today, Friday May 12th 2017,
and after the successful payment via Paypal when I should get redirected
to the Avid shop site to have the purchase completed the site got stuck
and finally it said that this site was not accessable.

I tried it several times again without any success.
The payment itself was successful though yet it looks like the purchase was
not completed as there is still the license in the cart in my account waiting to
get purchased.

Therefor I tried to contact the Avid shop/Arvato via the email address on the
Paypal invoice, again, without any success. I get all my emails back and it says
this email address cannot be found. Wtf? Itīs the official Avid shop/Arvato email
address! (copied from the Paypal invoice)

Further I tried to contact Avid support and, again, on trying to send the completed
form to Avid (several attempts) it cannot be delivered, saying site not found.

Everything else, any other emails, websites DO work as usual and I have not set up
any private settings, so there is something wrong with the whole Avid support/store
web stuff obviously. I have access to my Avid account and my products though.
I have seen here that other people have experienced similar problems with the Avid
store and support, so this problem seems to be on Avidīs side.

To be honest I donīt know what to do now? If I cannot even reach Avid support this
is bad. So do you have any possibility to check out what happens in the store?
I am stuck myself as for searching for solutions and itīs a lot of money that has been
paid already for...nothing? I donīt know. Not cool actually.

Please, any help much appreciated!
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