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Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

This mini library started as a listening test for EMF Sensors, comparing the LOM Elektrosluch 3+ and a SOMA Ether
as well as a borrowed LOM Priezor. The prop used to test is a Plasma Ball, basically a tiny Tesla Coil, but little
did I know my Plasma Ball also has a 'sound activated' mode, and late one night I discovered I could get it to feedback!
Check the vid to see & hear what I mean...

Check out the new library
FX013 PLASMA BALL EMF 198 x 24bit 96k WAV files 3.84GB

NOTE: this library has an early bird discount of 50% off, as our 12th Birthday Sale starts in two weeks
& nothing sucks more than buying something only to find it on sale a week or two later!
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