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Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New HISSandaROAR library released: SD053 WATER MODULATIONS
A multitrack library exploring water, above & below surface
659 x 24bit 96kHz WAV Files 13.83GB

Check out Youtube MAKING OF video HERE

This library began as a side quest from a DIY project: installing an outdoor bath in my backyard.
I soon realised it had potential for SFX recording, since being exterior there was no
bathroom verb to contend with. But I was further motivated by adding the primary modulation source
for this new water library: COMPRESSED AIR!

My new air compressor provides an endless supply of air bubbles, which can be controlled and performed.
From blasts and bursts to sustained eruptions, variations were performed using a range of nozzles
and air tools. Constricted air flow was also explored, using rubber and plastic as well as my fingers,
to perform shrieks and groans with almost a vocal quality.

Thanks to some well-timed requests, I next explored gross, sloppy sounds by collecting up seaweed & kelp
from the beach and filling the bath with them. Both manually moving them and blowing air bubbles
into them proved useful, and I also splattered them on concrete. Following on from these,
the leather remnants from SOFA SMASH were used, performing flicks, flaps & hits...

Next focus was to capture a range of more normal EXT water splashes, pours, splats and dribbles
before filling the bath and having a soak, while recording myself performing bath movements
- arm & leg lifts, drops and lots of smaller moves.

The strangest sounds in this new library were modulated by fireworks released underwater,
especially ground blooms which spin like crazy, but I also managed to successfully fire some
sky rockets into the bath, without damaging the bath or me.

The final recording for the library occurred late in the process, when I realised the Tank Resonator
would provide interesting resonance. So I filled it with water, carefully hung the mics inside it
and performed a range of air bubbles, clean as well as constricted capturing some
creature vocals that make me think of a very angry taniwha.

Recorded multitrack with a stereo pair MKH8040, a mono MKH8050 as well as a pair of Aquarian H2a hydrophones,
this library augments previously recorded useful foley-like water sounds in SD007 WATER FOLEY
and more extreme sounds with a water blaster for SD024 LIQUIDS.

Delivered as 659 x 24bit/96kHz .WAV files with photos and UCS metadata.
Check out the new library (7.34GB download 13.56GB decompressed)

NOTE: For 33% Early Bird Discount please use coupon code: "AIR"
Discount expires July 10th.
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