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Default Re: Help With Roland Drums Connection

Originally Posted by cp2 View Post
1) good
2) good
3) My interface only has 2 outputs, besides the monitors.
A typo? You mean inputs? Outputs on the interface don't matter, nobody was talking about them.

What *exact* UAD interface do you have?

4) Nothing appears to match in the input drop-down menu.
You are talking about the track input menu? If so and the names just don't look right... well that's not uncommon just wrong settings in Setup>IO>{input, output, bus}. Try deleting all paths there on each of those pages (select them and press the delete button) and then press default.

But "nothing appears to match"--match what? is not how to get help here. What *exactly* do you see? Post a screenshot if needed. What *exactly* were you expecting? What *exact* interface do you have? What output(s) are connected to *exactly* what inputs on the interface.

5) I can never hear the Roland sounds in a midi or instrument track, only in an audio track when I switch back and forth in the playback engine.

I don't have any of the programs you mentioned above but I have a few others from the EW Soundcloud VI's. When I put that on an instrument track, I can only hear the Roland sounds in my headphones when I'm playing, and the plugin drum sounds during playback... Shouldn't I hear the plugin sounds through my headset while I'm triggering them?
Yes but you have to set up Pro Tools properly to monitor what you want to hear when tracking. Are you seeing MIDI notes coming into that instrument track? Can you play notes by clicking with the mouse through the VI GUI? And since you mentioned UAD... again what interface do you have? Are you using Apollo console to Monitor Audio? Spend time to understand the Console, how to handle DAW audio returns or know how to disable it.

I suspect you are trying to do too many things at once without a lot of experience. That just gets frustrating, and DUC is not the place to get basic tutorials.

Start doing one thing well. Like recording analog out from the Roland into your interface, getting comfortable how to record that, how to monitor through headphones connected to the interface etc., you are Ok with monitoring with a small IO buffer or using hardware monitoring (i.e. Apollo Console?) in the interface etc. All basic audio recording stuff and covered in many tutorials on YouTube. But while all basic when you add it all together, especially when working with Apollo Console it's not trivial.

Once you have that working well then worry about MIDI. And VIs. And break stuff down to simple things. Get a VI on a instrument (not MIDI) track and start by checking it is working playing notes you enter with the mouse into the VI GUI/on screen keyboard/MIDI piano roll and that you can hear those notes though the VI. Start stupidly simple, one track sessions to play around in. Then get it working so the drum kit is sending the MIDI notes into that track. Lots of other example tutorials on YouTube etc. cover this stuff, you might even find one with your exact Roland kit. Start simple if needed on the VI side, maybe find a YouTube tutorial showing you how to use Mini Grand (handy to play with that anyhow, it is the simple VI that everybody uses to test stuff is working).

It's also unclear what you really want to do. Do you want to record MIDI to play through VIs or just the audio out of the box? Pick the one you want to do (most) and start with that.

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