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Default Re: Help With Roland Drums Connection

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
I think 2 ways is not enough Here is how I would try(based on previous experience with a TD-10 setup).
1-keep the "audio engine" as your usual audio interface
2-set your Midi>Midi Studio so the Roland kit appears as a midi device
3-connect the L/R outputs of the Roland brain to a pair of inputs on your interface
4-create a stereo instrument track and set the audio input to match #3
5-put the track into record-ready and you should hear the Roland sounds. Recording while you play the kit should record midi onto the piano roll(set track view to Notes). Once notes are recorded, playing the track should give you the sound of the Roland kit(but feel free to edit and/or quantize notes to make the performance "perfect")

Option: skip the L/R connections and insert a drum VI(Virtual Instrument) plugin on the instrument track. In this case, playing the Roland kit(or playing back the midi notes) will give you the sound of the plugin drums(I had great results with EZDrummer, Superior Drummer and Addictive Drums)
1) good
2) good
3) My interface only has 2 outputs, besides the monitors.
4) Nothing appears to match in the input drop-down menu.
5) I can never hear the Roland sounds in a midi or instrument track, only in an audio track when I switch back and forth in the playback engine.

I don't have any of the programs you mentioned above but I have a few others from the EW Soundcloud VI's. When I put that on an instrument track, I can only hear the Roland sounds in my headphones when I'm playing, and the plugin drum sounds during playback... Shouldn't I hear the plugin sounds through my headset while I'm triggering them?

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