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Default Re: 115 AAX plugins included?

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Quick question

The sales page for carbon at online retailers states that it Includes 115 AAX DSP plugs from the Avid Complete Collection. Now along with the free Perpetual Ultimate license, do you get to keep all 115 plugins if you don’t renew your update plan after the first year?
I will answer my own question here since I just read the FAQ which I should have done in the first place. It looks like if I let the included 1-year subscription/plan expire into perpetual, I will lose a good portion of the plugins unless I renew or rent the complete plugin package. That just blows me away that if you buy a Carbon ($4000) and then buy the Ultimate perpetual ($2600), you'll still lose access to plugins like Reverb One, Eleven MK II, and Green JRC Overdrive after a year unless you keep paying. Yes, the plugins are only $50 a year, but again, I don’t do subscriptions. I would buy them outright if they gave me the choice. It sure sucks that you almost have to get a lawyer to go over the fine print when buying something from Avid

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