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Default Problem while using Reason as rewire in Pro Tools

I'm having two issues while using Reason as a rewire instrument in Pro Tools. I use Reason on an Aux Track and program inside of Reason instead of using an Instrument Track in Pro Tools to control instruments in Reason. I've been working this was for years with no issues. I have two things happening.

1. I get a consistent, short Midi Note played at C-2 being played. I can see the note on the midi input indicator on Reasons sequencer window. If I pull up an instrument I can hear it. And if I record it will be on the midi performance.

2. If I preview a loop in Reason I can hear it fine, but when I load it into a Rex Player the sound changes. It's hard to describe, but it kind of sounds like it's going through a Lo-fi effect. I've checked the obvious things that might cause this, but nothing is out of the ordinary.

Both these issues only happen when Reason is rewired in Pro Tools. Reason stand alone and rewired in Logic work normally. I thought it might be a compatibility issue with PT11, but I upgraded my system and it's still happening.

PT 2018.12
Reason 10.2.2
OS 10.10.5
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