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Default Pro Tools 9 Playback Error Lead to DAE Error 743 Which Lead to A CPU Overload Error

Hi, I'm having some ridiculous and really annoying problems with Pro Tools. I am on an iMac with Snow Leopard Version 10.6.7, with 3.2 GHz Intel Core i3 and 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory. I have Pro Tools 9.02, although I qualify for a free upgrade for Pro Tools 10 (I haven't upgraded yet because there's a good chance that there will be compatibility issues). I have an Mbox 2 Mini.

First, I opened up Pro Tools to find that there was no audio during playback. It might have done this because I had recently opened a different project that I had started on a different computer, but I'm pretty sure I've opened this project since then. I screwed around in the Setup menu, mainly in Setup>Hardware but all I managed to do was turn the tracks gray and still not have any sound. After a crash and trying to restart Pro Tools several times, I managed to get rid of the grey tracks, but also to get the DAE error 743. I screwed around in the Setup>hardware menu some more, and got the error to go away, only to have it lag so much that it can't even play (and the playback automatically stops right after I hit play), and it occasionally gives me the message: A CPU overload error occured If this happens often, try increasing the "H/W Buffer Size" in the Playback Engine Dialog, or removing some plug-ins. (-6101). The H/W Buffer size was already at the max, and I tried removing all my plug-ins, but nothing changed.
Can you help me get this Bug-Infested program working again?
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