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Default 10 MBox 2s in school, 5 work, 5 don't

Well after a lot of troubleshooting, reinstalls, firmware updates and attempted firmware updates, here I am.

I teach a high school audio program where we use MacBooks and Pro Tools (we also have a Power Mac and a Mac Pro and a couple 002s). My issue relates to our 10 MBox 2s:

These are MBox 2 Academic versions (for use with LE software) running Pro Tools 8.0.x.various CS versions on OSX 10.5.7, 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo, 1GB ram off the internal HDD (yes I know that's bad).

Out of our computers, they all work with 5 of our MBox 2s. The other 5 MBox 2s will work with GarageBand, iTunes, general OS sounds, etc. but NOT with Pro Tools. Pro Tools gives the "Unable to locate hardware" spiel on launching. Further, the 1.43 intel firmware update will also not work on these MBox 2s but will work on the first 5.

So I'm a little lost at how I can fix this problem when the same computer runs the program fine, and all 10 computers exhibit the same problem with the second group of 5 MBox 2s. All 10 were bulk ordered for an educational discount, though it was over a year ago and I've only finally gotten around to troubleshooting this problem more in depth, so warranty is out.

Any ideas??

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