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Default ddrum4 Hangs During MIDI Playback in PT 7.1

I'm using a ddrum4 to record drums in Protools 7.1 using an M-box on a Windows based system. I've done 12 songs successfully and the setup works great. Enter my problem.

I have one song file where every time I play back the audio and MIDI drum tracks (no drum audio tracks recorded yet) the ddrum4 locks up. If I reboot the ddrum4 module while PT is playing it plays fine. If I stop the PT playback mid song and restart it from the beginning or mid song it locks up the ddrum4 module. Reboot the ddrum4 and all is well until I stop playback in PT. And so my life continues. I get trigger lights working on the ddrum4 but no sound. No sound from the ddrum4 headphone output either. Reboot while PT is playing back and it plays fine. Reboot the ddrum4 while PT is stopped, restart PT playback, and the ddrum4 produces no sound.

I have 12 others songs recorded the same way, mixing the same way, where this doesn't happen. The ddrum4 also works perfectly with the DrumKat MIDI controller so I think it's some global setting in this one PT file.

To that end, I've looked at the MIDI events window and there aren't any unusual controller sends in the list prior to the first MIDI note sent to the ddrum4. My thought is the command, whatever it is, has to occur before the MIDI note data is sent in order to prevent it from playing.

Second, I've compared all my MIDI settings against the other 12 files and the settings are the same.

Third, I deleted all other MIDI tracks in this problem song so the drum track is the only MIDI track in this session. My thought here was that another MIDI track could contain a controller message causing the problem. No change.

Fourth, I copied the MIDI note data from the drum track and pasted it into a new drum track and then deleted the original drum track. No change.

Is there some global controller window I need to view that contains info not displayed in the MIDI event window? Any help is appreciated.
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