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Default Mbox inserts with Outboard Compressor?

Can anyone tell me how to set up the inserts on my Mbox?

I have an external Behringer Composer compressor and would like to connect up the Mbox. Does the compressor then "compress" anything i hear coming out of the mbox or does it only compress recorded files going in?

Also im not exactly sure of the connections from the Mbox to the compressor? - i have 2 x insert cables (Y leads) can anyone help a newbie?

Also whats the best and simplest way to connect a Mac & Pc together so i can "fly" files across from Mac>PC then PC>Mac? I currently have a network with just a crossover cable so my Mac can share a Net connection, do i need anything else to transfer files back and forth?? and is it easy to set up?

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