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Default Re: best way to record drum patterns

What I do is record myself playing along for ,say, 20 measures. Then play it back while watching the measures go by, and listen for one little area that's right in the groove( even if it's ONE kick beat).
Then simply isolate it(copy it that is) and paste it in the perfect places.
All you need is one perfect beat or measure to copy over and over. Once you have that measure copied about 4 times, then copy that whole thing, paste it, so on and so on until you have 200 perfect measures(if you want).
And, remember, try to get that FIRST section as perfect as you can(just 'nudge' it if feels a touch late or anything). That way, everything you copy and paste will be perfect, too, and you'll save yourself a lot of highlighting.
It's a lot easier than you think.
I just did a thing using brushes on a snare(Hip-Hoppish, believe it or not), and being a guitar player, I was pathetic. But, I isolated one little 3-second span that was in the groove, and now it sounds like Gene Krupa played it for me.
So anyway, hope it helped, Roy
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