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Default Re: The zoom/record/zoom back bug...

It doesn't seem to matter...
Has happened on my friends computer running 7.3 or on 8.0.4
Both are MacBook Pros but different specs.

My specs:
MBP 17" 2.33Ghz 3Gb
OS 10.6.3
Pro Tools LE 8.0.4

This has happened though on 10.5.5/6 which was my last OS (Cant remember the last digit apart from it was the latest version compatible with PT LE 8.0.3)

Its just a pain in the ass, I don't really care too much. I was assuming it happened on all systems and just wanted to report the bug...

Does this mean that it doesn't happen on all LE systems; just the ones I've used?
Trust my bloody luck...
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