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Default I/O setup page vs I/O hardware inserts

- I'm trying to set up a sum box getting fed my first 8 digi 192 outs - then that feeding my ssl stereo compressor which returns into input 7-8. Now, I can setup a stereo track and input 7-8 and output 9-10 and monitor that output only and thereby listen after the whole chain of summing and compression but it would be neat to have it as a hardware insert instead. I'm trying to change my I/O setup so software output 7-8 sends out of physical output 9-10 and it works for the tracks individually but not when I insert 7-8 as a hardware insert...then 7-8 remains 7-8 and I get a nice feedback. Am I making sense and has anyone found a way to solve the mystery ?

thanks in advance...

ps. PT8 rocks very very hard and so does a new 8core mac...logic is getting dusty down there on my dock
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