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Default Major comp. problem - considering reverting to 002 rack instead 003 rack, good move?

Here's a short summary of the problem I'm having:

Macbook Pro 17" 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo
Digi 003 Rackmount

Whenever I initiate Digi Coreaudio or Pro Tools, a high pitched ringing or tone starts to come from the left side of my Macbook Pro. It is not in the signal, and it is not related to a bad ground. The sound comes from the Intel Core 2 Duo processor in my Macbook Pro. Programs like QuietMBP and changing system files do nothing, and they are dangerous. I've talked with Digidesign and they've confirmed the problem to be with my computer and not the 003 rack. I've tried it with other Macbook Pros and the ringing does not occur. I've also tried other 003 racks with my same computer and the ringing still occurs.

I've been to the Apple Store about 4 or 5 times. They've replaced the logic board and left I/O board in my MBP.

Here's where the difficulty comes in. I called Apple tech support, and they told me I could send in my Macbook Pro. However, they said they would keep it there until they figure out what's wrong. This is potentially great, but they didn't say how long that could be or if they knew what the problem was at all. I would also be missing my main computer for the entire duration.

In lieu of this, I'm considering changing my audio setup all together. I've heard nothing but great things about 002 racks. Would I really be losing all that much if I went for a trade in of my 003 rack for a 002 rack? If you were in this situation, would you send your computer in, or would you change your audio setup?
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