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Default Multi Band Compressor MC2000

Hi there, I've got a question that one of you more technically informed "cat's" might be able to answer for me. Having just had the McDSP demos of FilterBank and CompressorBank expire I am starting to experience withdrawl symptoms. The McDSP plug ins were very impressive to my ears. I highly recommend checking them out as they gave me an excellent reference for comparing other similar plug ins in terms of cpu efficiency (well written code), and sonic quality. I am definitely saving up! Here is my question; would the new MC2000 multi band compressor be a direct and perhaps more versitile option to a standard compressor like Compressorbank? In other words, I'm not clear as to whether a multi band compressor would be more of a dedicated mastering tool or whether it could function exactly as a standard compressor with the potential for additional or more finite applications? Budgetary issues aside, would you go for the multi band compressor as a direct replacement of the traditional compressor? Thanks for hopefully taking the time to respond. Peace and Beer from Vancouver. (Not to mention monsoon rains)
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