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Default 10.3 and 10.3.1 Small Volume Fader AND Clip Gain Fader Problem

Hello all

From time to time the small volume or gain fader does not take the right volume when editing. Instead, when I want to adjust clipgain or volume the level jumps to a wrong level when I grab the fader with the mouse. This could be 10-15dB wrong. Sometimes the fader works and 30 minutes later one of the faders jumps to a wrong level when touching

Anyone has the same issues?

All versions have been a clean install. I have NEVER seen this in all Versions below 10.3.

PT HD Ultimate 2021.7 6/12-Core Westmere/ 48 GB / OS 10.13.6 / 96 I/O / 192 I/O / Omni / BM Intensity Pro (Driver 11.4.1)
1x PT 2021.7 / MacMini Server late2011 / 16 GB / OS 10.13.6 / 002
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