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Default LFE - Theatrical Release

Hello all!

I recently finished mixing a feature film in 5.1 for broadcast/streaming, but client also asked for a theatrical version, so I delivered a theatrical "level" mix since there was no budget to take it to a proper dubbing stage. Yesterday we went to see the film in a private screening at a large theater and it general sounded great, but it was definitely missing the sub frequencies, it felt like the sub wasn't there. When I mix 5.1 I send to the LFE just what I want to enhance with more low end, rumble etc, not everything of course...

So my question to you guys is... in a theatrical release mix do you have to send more to the LFE channel?? doesn't the bass management of the theater or any surround system already take care of that?

I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing anything here, since I was very surprised with the missing sub frequencies.

Thanks in advance
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