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Default SPOT Dialog Missing Original and User Timestamp Choices

a friends SPOT Dialog Box is Missing the Original Time Stamp and the User Time Stamp at the Bottom of the Dialog box ..

i have never seen this missing so came for some help !!! has anyone seen this before ???

everything below the "light colored line" under subframes is Not There !!! weird .. happy to learn something new !!!

thank you in advance

Mac Pro 6-core 3.33ghz (2012) 24gb ram 256gb SSD -OS 10.12.6 for PT 11.3.2 & 2019.6 last version
Logic Pro X latest version
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Macbook Pro july 2014 2.5ghz 16gb ram 512gb SSD - OS10.14.6 - PT 2019.6 Ended here ..
Logic Pro X latest version
RME BabyFace Pro
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