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Default PT 9 setup problem..Where are the MIDI IN options in setup menu??

I recently installed PT9 (9.0) on a new built PC. Im using a Tascam DM3200 interface with the firewire card (all latest drivers/firmware for both from Tascam site) In the setup menu in ProTools, under peripherals, midi controllers, I put in "HUI" under type. Under 'MIDI IN', my only option is "none", meaning PT is not seeing any midi ( i guess). Under 'MIDI OUT' I am given several options and under '# OF CHANNELS' i get "8".

Can some one answer why I do not get any options under the 'MIDI IN' and more importantly, HOW do I get the proper channels listed. I checked the Tascam forums and saw what settings work but I don't have the option to chose the MIDI IN. (channels 5 and 6)
I'm hoping this is the last 'fix' to get the sytem up and running with PT9.

Thanks in advance for the help.. BLICKERDING

Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
AsRock Extreme6 MoBo
Evga GeForce 470 Nvidia graphics
12 Gb 1333 ram
120 SSD for sys/programs
2- 2Tb 7200 rpm Hitachi HDDs
Intel i7 3.2Ghz processor
Tascam DM3200 (the only digital item in the setup)

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