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Default MPC LIVE II, Pro Tools HD 10, MOTU XT Midi Sync Pro Tools Slave

Iíve searched for this specific topic canít find maybe the community can help...

I have MPC Live 2 with a bunch of music in it and need to track in to Pro Tools there an export all feature that I canít find on the MPC live 2 or will I have to sync it up and play the beats and record via midi sync? Track by track

I have the MOTU Express XT, yes itís old but a midi interface is a midi interface right? 8 in 8 out..I have this because Iím about to order a Juno and I want to add more external modules.

I used to rock the MPC 4000 with PT 10 fairly easily with midi sync on and one click to track in, sync up the tempos and record into the DAW...but I canít get it right on the MPC L2...plz help!

For what itís worth the rest of the setup is as follows:

Patch Pay 48 point 1/4Ē
192 IO (about to get the HDX)
MOTU Express XT
MPC Live 2
Radium 49 controller (Juno coming soon)
Neumann TLM 103
UA 710 Twin (which I could use some presets if anyone has :)
Headphone amp
Pro Tools 10 HD
Waves Mercury
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