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Default Re: HD Hardware (HDX/HD Native) not detected by macOS (macOS 11 Big Sur

Originally Posted by Chris Erlon View Post
Having the same issue running HD Native TB, PT v2021.7.0 on OS 11.6.

I found this in another thread, which gives the terminal line you are using, but goes on to include a procedure to use if you're having to do it every time you start up:

I was having the same problem getting Desktop Video to load, so I could run video out of my BMD UltraStudio. Spent hours trying different solutions I'd seen online for that . Ironically, going through the steps in the article above fixed the BMD issue immediately, but did NOT fix the Pro Tools issue! I still have to type in the terminal code every time I restart.
I've also gone through these steps...have you found any resolution yet?
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