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Default Re: to set up my gears

I would start simple and build as you go. Start with the manuals for the Steinberg and for the Profire 2626 because one of them will need to be the main interface, and the other will need to have the 8 analog inputs to be routed directly to the ADAT output. I don't know how that is done on either and one might be simpler than the other for making that assignment. Then you would connect the ADAT(lightpipe) output of the "slave" to the ADAT input of the master interface. You will also need to set Pro Tools(in Setup>Hardware) to use ADAT or Optical as the clock source, AND to use the correct unit as the interface(the slave unit will only appear in Pro Tools as inputs 9 thru 16). Once you have all 16 inputs actually working in Pro Tools, only then would I add the Yamaha as a peripheral and try to make it work as a HUI device.
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