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Default Re: VENUE as a Pro Tools mixing/control system


The VENUE system does not act as a controller for Pro Tools, in the same way as the D-Command/Control do. It was designed expressly for live sound, and even runs different software than Pro Tools. That said, some customers (mostly fixed installations) have created combination VENUE/ICON systems. The VENUE D-Show system mixes the live show for the house audience and acts as the audio interface (via HDx card) to a Pro Tools system, which is under direct control of an ICON D-Command/Control. It's a neat setup that works well when simultaneous house/broadcast mixes are needed.

RE: mic pres. The VENUE mic pres share some similarities with the existing Digi PRE, but are designed with some extra electrical safeguards in light of the often unpredictable phantom powering arrangements encountered in a live setting.

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