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Default VENUE as a Pro Tools mixing/control system

Hi all,

I am looking at setting up a small studio for recording and mixing, which I aim to make (semi) portable as I will look to do live recordings also within various environments.

What I am wanting to know is if anyone is using a VENUE setup for mixing and control of Pro Tools (can the D-Show be used like a D-Command or D-Control?). Is this a viable setup or am I better to look at long term sourcing a D-Command or D-Control for mixing?

Also, how do the VENUE pre's in the stage and FOH racks compare to say the 192 I/O in an HD system.

Basically I am trying to decide between a VENUE and HD-1 system or an HD-1 with 192 I/O and D-{Command/Control} and feeding from the direct outs of our current analogue mixer for live mixes (which will be less flexible).

Thanks for your feedback!
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