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Default ignition pack for PT 7 purchase?

When I first bought my 002, I received the ignition pack which included reason, live, and the ik bundle. since, digi has expanded what is offered in the ignition pack to include bfd and melodyne. being that i just upgraded to a macbook pro and protools 7 most of the software i own isn't yet available for my new machine. updates for the ignition pack, however, are available.

the intel updates for the ignition pack is available on digi's site, but the install instructions for bfd indicates that i must first install the sounds from the v 1.0 discs. i do not have these. is there any way to get them from digi for purchasing the PT 7.0 upgrade? is it possible to just install the update and then buy or load soundbanks that i already own?

also, does anyone know what the difference is between sampletank se and xl? is it just the sound bank? can i load my sampletank 2XL & sonik synth soundbanks into my macbook pro and use them?

i feel so crippled from my computer upgrade...and i'd rather not wait 6 months for the full version updates. i'd love to have something i can use in the meantime. any and all advice is more than appreciated!
macbook pro 2GHz Intel Core Duo
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