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Default Connecting external device to mbox

Hello all. I'm using an Mbox with Pro Tools LE. I'm trying to connect a t.c. electronic M300 dual engine processor via the SP/DIF input/output in order to use it as an external effects processor. I've read the Pro Tools manual and can't figure out how to connect it properly. I have it wired and the effects board is receiving a digital signal but, I can't select the M-300 in the I/O drop down and haven't a clue how to fix it!!! I want to be able to use the reverb of the external device on certain tracks and realize that in order to make the effect permanent, I'll have to bounce the track. But, I don't want to do that until I can hear what the effect will sound like on that track in the mix. I'm not very familiar with setting the inputs, outputs, buses, etc in the I/O setup and could seriously use some detailed directions on this matter! Thanks.
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