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Default Instrument track plug-in copy issue

I have several instrument tracks (10 or so) that I'm evaluating and they will all eventually be arranged onto one lengthy track. The problem is that I inserted a plug-in onto the first and played with it to get it right. When I had it like I wanted I copied the plug-in (copy and drag) to the others. The problem is that some then play the MIDI of the original track and not the MIDI of the track that the plug-in is on. I solo the track and still plays the original track's MIDI, inactivate the original and no change, still plays the MIDI from the original track. Delete the original track and now no sound. It never plays the MIDI from the destination instrument track. But not all the tracks and no pattern. I even made one track that at one time did work fine but later would not play. I even tried different plug-in settings and no change. Mainly using Xpand2.
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