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Default Changing Triton Banks and Patches Using the MIDI Event List

I have a Triton Extreme connected to Protools LE 7.3. I'm trying to program the bank and patch changes using the MIDI Event Window. When I set up a program change, I can change sounds within the general MIDI bank "G" but I can't change banks to get to the better sounds. For example, my bass track is currently playing G035 (Picked Bass) and I want to change it to J118 (E. Bass Finger). Bank "J" is likely a numeric value in Protools. It's probably bank 9 since Protools uses zero as a MIDI value. Where do I input "9" to change the bank?

There has to be a simple way to do this but I'm missing it. And the Korg manual is difficult to follow since the sections are not freestanding. Meaning, the content builds on itself throughout the manual so going to single sections doesn't work very well.

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