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Default Re: Carbon with 500 rack- bypassing the preamps / connectivity

Originally Posted by K Roche View Post
Yes I run two outboard FX units one Reverb and one Compressor and they are connected via the DB 25 connections and bypass the gain on the line inputs .That way for example the gain on the comp is controlled completely by the gain knob on the front panel of the compressor.

Another nice feature is that combi XLR-1/4" connectors automatically override the DB 25s so for example you could have an analog Comp, Reverb and EQ connected to the DB 25's (on say channels 3-8 ) But If you plugged in 4 mics into the Combi connectors on channels 1-4 they would automatically override the number 3 and 4 channels on the DB 25's, so you would not have to physically disconnect anything on the DB's
Interesting . Super cool feature!
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