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Default Realtime MIDI Playback from Logic to Pro Tools?

Trying to make something happen I've never done before... almost there...

I've got a fairly complex project going in Pro Tools that calls for a MIDI piano track. This MIDI track is putting a load on the CPU to the point that it's really inconsistent in its playback as I'm working with it—dodging CPU errors—so I decided to try something I've always heard of: Syncing Logic with Pro Tools and building the MIDI track there. I found a decent video tutorial that took me all the way to LP & PT being synced, using a MIDI drum track in LP, but with PT & LP playing back separately through an outboard mixer.

I need to know how to have PT import what LP is doing so I can record it on a PT track as audio. If anyone can point me to a How-To on that, it would be hugely appreciated.

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