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Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

HISSandaROAR SD047 GLASS Unusual FX is now released!!

We are thrilled and relieved to finish and release this new Sound FX Library
without incurring any nasty damage from spending over a month playing with glass!

My initial plans for a small concise library rapidly grew out of control as I began
exploring the medium, until I eventually had over 15 hours of recordings in my edit
session. And just as I thought I was nearing completion, I innocently asked on social
media if there were any other glass sounds that people have trouble finding.
The response provided so many excellent ideas that I ended up having to split the library in two.

As the title infers, SD047 GLASS Unusual FX collates the stranger sounds while all
the more practical glass sounds are collected in the imminent SD048 GLASS Practical FX,
due for release next week.

Check out the Making Of video:

SD047 GLASS Unusual FX totals 17GB of 24bit 192kHz material including:
GLASS Pane Squeaks via wet finger, hand, sponge, foam << WILD sounds!!
GLASS Pane Groans via friction mallet
GLASS Auto Windscreen Squeaks via wet finger, squeegee, hand, sponge, foam
GLASS Auto Windscreen Groans via friction mallet
GLASS Vessel*Friction clicks squeaks via thumb
GLASS Chimes using shards & wine glasses
GLASS Vessels Bowed x24
GLASS Vessels Tones via 'singing wineglass'*finger friction
GLASS Vessels Shake LFE Subrattlers x Earthquake!!

Captured stereo 24bit 192kHz via MKH8040 ORTF, this new library contains some
extraordinary sounds and is a deep resource that will continue to reward creative
use for many years to come.

For 33% discount please use Coupon Code "VASE" at checkout* (expires March 14th)

Also note: all future discount codes will be exlsuive to our mail list.
Join mail list here:
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