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Exclamation Playback Problem: Overpowering Static Noise: Pro Tools can not get playback fast enou

Hello I have a question relating to the noise with playback issue, I just recently purchased Pro Tools 9 and I am using a M-Audio Firewire Solo interface on a Macbook (black) late 2007 model. Pro Tool 9 was working fine but my computer's volume was not working properly, it was showing the speaker icon with a circle with a diagonal line through it when I tried to turn the volume up or down for regular everyday use. So yesterday I decided to go to System Preferences-->Sound. I then changed my Output & Input not paying attention to what they were set originally set to thinking I fixed my sound problem with the internal speakers. Later when I tried to open Pro Tools 9 it would give me a error message stating something about the "sound module wasnt set up correctly" and would quit. So I fixed that problem by pressing the letter "N" while Pro Tools 9 was starting up and set the playback engine to "Solo" for my firewire solo, then when I opened up a session and played a song I could barely hear they actually music because of the over powering static noise or white noise I'm getting. And I'm getting "pro tools not getting playback fast enough" message about 30secs to a 1min of playback. If anyone knows a solution to this problem I created for myself PLEASE HELP ME!

Thanks in advance

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