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Default Sustain Pedal Not Working

I am using Pro Tools 8cs3, and a M-Audio 61es...and I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I cannot seem to get PT's to read any of my sustain pedal information. I am connected via USB for the MIDI controller. All other data is recorded just fine.

I have an instrument track setup, with the Mini Grand. I can play any key, use my mod wheel and volume knob no problems. I am wondering if my pedal is damaged? or maybe something else I didn't think of is not enabled? I haven't adjusted anything in midi properties, and haven't used my keyboard in quite sometime(but it worked a while back when I was using PT's 7.4.2). So all settings are default for everything. I get great sounds and low latency from the Mbox 2 Pro, just no info coming from the sustain pedal at all. Strange.

Any Ideas? Thanks in Advanced for any help!
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