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Default Touching Artist Transport Freezes Up Artist Control in Logic


I have an issue with Artist Transport, which I just purchased, locking up or causing my Artist Control to loose connection with Logic. My artist control ran fine up until I paired it with the Artist Transport and now when using Logic (latest version) the soft keys and other data loose there view on the touch screen after touching anything on the Transport even though "Logic" is still in the application name. After touching the transport, things will disconnect within 10 seconds. It also disconnects after that amount of time it seems as well without touching the transport.

I can revive everything by switching to another application and then back to Logic but if I touch Transport again then Logic disconnects.

My Setup:
Artist control set at static ip, subnet at
Transport set at static ip, subnet
Running Eucon 2.7 and the latest firmware on each unit.
OSX 10.8.2

I have also tried this in DHCP and with a 192.x.x.x. Everything is recognized by both units for application names, etc until transport is touched. Also, this only appears to happen in Logic but it is also the only app I use the transport. Any help is much appreciated.
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