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Default Major bug?? Delay compensation between bed and objects issue

Got in to mixing music in Atmos and discovered that the delay compensation is ignored between bed and objects when I bounce in real time.
Itís fine in offline bounce.
Have duplicated this issue on several systems using only Avid plugins.

I imported a hihat to a new tracking a blank session.
Duplicated that track.
One of the track goes to the bed, the other assigned as an object.
Inserted 5x Avid Pro multiband dynamics on the bed master to simulate a normal amount of delay when having a mastering chain in the mix buss.
The added delay is well within the limits of delay compensation.
I usually bounce in real time as I often mix on a hybrid setup and like to listen while I print.
Probably a habit since I grew up on analogue consoles.
When I print online the delay compensation is ignored between bed and objects resulting in a very un tight master bounce.
When I bounce the same session offline itís fine.

Very surprised this hasnít been more noticed!
Noticed it on Pro tools 2021.12 and went back to older version and itís the same.
So itís been like this for about a year.

Has this issue been addressed by Avid or is the a solution?
In my book this is a major bug! Making it impossible to bounce in real time.
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