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Default Re: attempting to install a mix system 6.4.1

Hi people,

i am now in the situation to upgrade my PC. In last time i have to arrange a lot, so i have to use VSTi etc... My current PC (Pentium 4 3,0 GHz on ASUS P4P with 4GGb Ram) is a bit weak for such tasks.

I am using a Mix+ with 6.4.1 under WinXP SP2 and i like it. But newer PCs (MoBo's) mostly dont work with Mix Hardware. So i have a choice between drop my Mix system and go completely native with newest PCs and Cubase as a single DAW or to find the latest possible MoBos with Intel Chips and CPUs that work with Mix HW, to use Mix for tracking and mixing and Cubase for arranging.

I would really like to go the second way, because this will spare me a lot of money for new HW (Audio Interface, ADDAs, Cables, Software, etc...)

what is the result of your research with Dells? What did work for you?

PS: sorry for weak english.
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